Effect of Different Levels of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Row Spacing on some Yield Traits and It's Components of Rape Seed ( Brassica napus L. )


This study was conducted at the experimental farm of Field Crops Science Department , College of Agriculture , University of Tikrit , during the Autumn season of 2003 and Spring season of 2004 to study the effect of four nitrogen fertilizer levels ( 0 , 60 , 120 and 180 kg N/ha) with three rows spacing (20 , 30 and 40 cm) with three levels of seeding wich are : ( 16 , 12 , 8 kg / h ) . in same yield traits and it's components of Rape seed ( Brassica napus L. var pactol) .In R.C.B.D with three replicates . The results showed that the Nitrogen fertilizer applications significantly affected, on total number of pods/plant in both seasons , number of shattaring pods/plant in autumn season. pod weight (g), in spring season were found to be significant. The highest seed yield (919.70kg/ha) were obtained from using 180kgN/ha during the autumn season. Row spacing 20cm gave highest seed yield (873.55 and 157.72 kg/ha) in both season respectively .The data showed that 40cm row spacing gave significant effect for total number of pods /plant in both season . A significant interaction were found between Nitrogen fertilizer and rows spacing .The interaction (180 kgN/ha × 20cm) gave the highest seed yield in autumn season (1088.64 and 459.62 kg/ha), respectively. whereas the interaction (120kgN/ha × 30cm) gave highest seed yield (206.49 kg/ha) in spring season.