Efficiency of Some Gel hand sanitizers Obtained From Iraqi local Markets.


The research aims to investigate the efficiency of waterless hand cleaners used by different sectors of society and in particular women and children as hygiene for hands to reduce the spread of infection. This is the first study was carried out in our Center for Market Research and Consumer Protection during the year (2013). Eleven samples of waterless hand cleaner were obtained from Iraqi local markets which subjected to the following studies: first the chemical analyses using Atomic absorption to estimate the concentration of (Cd, Pb, Co, Cu),second the Bacteriological examination which include to study the effect of these samples against bacteria including (E.coli, Bacillus spp.).The results showed that Kelobatra, Dettol contain high concentration of Copper (0.4398, 0.2768 μg /g) and lead (0.2033, 0.2287μg /g), while the rest of tested brands contained lowerconcentration of Copper and lead. Beauty and Dettol showed high concentration of Cobalt (0.0817, 0.0886 μg/g) respectively. Bacteriological examination reveals that 4wet and Cleaner samples had high efficiency against E.coli while Vanilla and Kelobatra showed no antibacterial activities against E.coli. 4 wet and Dettol had high efficiency against Bacillus spp. .