The effect of aerobic exercise training in the use of some blood fats to overweight


I take the subject of obesity researcher at the present time has become a serious disease that prevailed in the communities of the whole world , as it is a problem experienced by a lot of individuals that are the source of the lack of self - confidence and a lack of focus and poor job performance and motor skills for individuals ... And so on.The researcher also pointed to the great scientific advances in the field of studies and research may open multiple areas , particularly in the area of nutrition , whether from natural sources or through dietary supplements such as carnitine , which is one of the elements necessary to make fatty acid metabolism is natural .As you know that obesity damaged several which in turn may affect some variables, functional body , both in the course of effort and comfort and the most important of these damages diabetes as well as they strain the members of the body and its organs constantly make up the weight on the areas that underlie human spine and joints of the knees as well as being straining muscle heart , as well as make an individual more susceptible to heart disease and blood vessels , such as high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries and arterial thrombosis


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