Effect of Aspirin drug in Liver tissue of swiss white mice Mus musculus


This study was designed to identify the extent of the effect of drug Acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) on histological structure of liver in Swiss albino mice Mus musculus.(16) mice were used and divided into two groups. The first groupwas orally treated with )0.5ml(of aspirinat concentration of (50 mcg / kg) and the second group was considered as control group Treated with distiled water lasted for 30 days. Treatment with Aspirin led to the occurrence of histopathological cases included liver necrosis ,cellular infilitration, congestion in central vein and a case of Hemorrhage.The results also showed the absence of radial arrangement of the constituents of hepatic cells from tissue due to these changes with the control group. From the above results, it coulde be concluded that the drug aspirin had a negative effect on liver of Swiss albino