Dispersion in a Gas Filled Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fiber


Hollow core photonic bandgap fibers provide a new geometry for the realization and enhancement of many nonlinear optical effects. Such fibers offer novel guidance and dispersion properties that provide an advantage over conventional fibers for various applications. Dispersion, which expresses the variation with wavelength of the guided-mode group velocity, is one of the most important properties of optical fibers. Photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) offer much larger flexibility than conventional fibers with respect to tailoring of the dispersion curve. This is partly due to the large refractive-index contrast available in the silica/air microstructures, and partly due to the possibility of making complex refractive-index structure over the fiber cross section. In this paper the fundamental physical mechanism has been discussed determining the dispersion properties of PCFs, and the dispersion in a gas filled hollow core photonic crystal fiber has been calculated. We calculate the dispersion of air filled hollow core photonic crystal fiber, also calculate the dispersion of N2 gas filled hollow core photonic crystal fiber and finally we calculate the dispersion of He gas filled hollow core photonic crystal fiber.