Epistaxis :Retrospective study of hospitalized patients


Epistaxis is a common otolaryngological emergency and is often due to lesions within or around the nose or due systemic conditionsAim of the study: To describe the cases of epistaxis that are admitted at our hospital Study design: Retrospective ,descriptive study Place and time: This is a retrospective study described the cases of epistaxis that are admitted to Al Sader Teaching Hospital ,Najaf-Iraq from January 2009 to December 2011.Patients and method: The study evaluated 20 cases of epistaxis that were admitted in Al-Sader Teaching Medical City in Najaf –Iraq from the period of January 2009 to December 2012 . The hospital records of the patients were reviewed and data collected regarding .age ,gender, type of epistaxis , methods of treatments, any associated systemic disease(s) and the time of hospital stay . These variables were collected , tabulated , analyzed and compared with other similar studies,The results: Twenty cases of epistaxis that required admission to Al-Sader Medical city were enrolled in our study. We found that epistaxis has bimodal age of presentation with 8 (40%) patients at age 20-29 year and 8(40%) patients at age of 60- 69year. Male to female ratio was (2.3:1). Anterior epistaxis was more common than posterior epistaxis.15 patients (75 %) had some sort of systemic diseases; the most common was hypertension in 8 (40%) patients. Non surgical method of treatment in the form of nasal packing was performed in all patients. The mean hospital stay was (3.85) days. NO mortality detected in our study.