Some physical measurements and their relationship some variables Kinematics to the performance of the front-strike tennis skill ground


Included the importance of research to find some correlations for measurements of physical with some of the variables Kinematics and stand on the most important mistakes and try to correct it scientifically so choosing players scientific methods such as being selected according to the measurements of the physical, which is one of the foundations of accurate scientific and that this choice will facilitate the learning process according to the applications, mechanical( mechanical properties),and the problem of the research has included a focus on the variables and physical measurements important when choosing players for a certain skill and according to the requirements of skill because this choice is the foundation stone in the development of a lot of the qualities of the players.The targets included search 1 - Identifying the relationship between some physical parameters and variables Kinematics among members of the research sample to perform the skill. 2 - There are relationships statistically significant correlation in some physical parameters and variables Kinematics among members of the research sample to perform the skill. Areas of research: - The human sphere: Students Phase III / Physical Education College / University of KFufa / 2012-2013 Spatial domain: tennis court / Physical Education College / University of Kufa The temporal domain: 2/9/2012 - 31/5/2013. Part II: - You have touched the researchers in this section to the importance of measurements of physical in the field of sports and their importance in the game of tennis also discussed the importance of analysis motor in the sports field and the importance of skill strike front, either Part III has included the research methodology and Ajraeth field where it was used the descriptive style survey sample was composed of 15 students. Either acilo the fourth door was included to display the results, analysis and discussion of the variables and through Kinematics been reached to achieve the objectives of the research and verification of imposed. The Either Part V: - included in the light of the results of research that has been reached has included the conclusions, including: 1 - The results showed that the total length of the sample (the length of the two men) has no importance and impact on the speed of starting the ball. 2 - The results also showed to take the appropriate situation to strike skill front and have the effect of body mass in a variable speed departure. The recommendations came as follows: -1 - emphasis on the total length and arm length to achieve the appropriate conditions and a suitable starting variables as well. 2 - conduct studies on different samples (U - Youth - applicants) and take advantage of the importance of some of the physical measurements.