Proposed Modification to Increase Main Swept Back Wing Efficiency for Aircraft Aermacchi Siai S211


A winglet is devices attached at the wing tips, used to improve aircraft wing efficiency by reduction influence wing tips vortices and induct drag, increasing lift force at the wing tips and effective aspect ratio without adding greatly to the structural stress and weight in the wing structure. This paper is presented three-dimensional numerical analysis to proposed modification swept back wing by adding Raked winglets devices at the main wing tips belong the two seat trainer aircraft type Aermacchi Siai S211 by using Fluent ANSYS 13 software. CFD numerical analysis process was performed at the same flight boundary conditions indifferent wing angle of attacks with constant air flow velocity V∞ =50 (m/sec), ambient pressure Po=101325 (Pa), ambient temperature To=288.14 (K), and at air density ρo=1.225 (kgm3) to both proposed wing model and the main aircraft wing model. The results are shown an improvement in aerodynamic parameters including increment lift coefficient to (0.22%-5.95%), reduction drag coefficient to (0.34% - 3.60%), increment wing load efficiency ratio to (2.62% - 7.30%), reduction induct drag coefficient CDi to (7.65% - 13.11%) compared with the main aircraft wing model and achieved an improvement in aircraft flight maneuver abilities and stability controls especially during descent, approach, landing and takeoff with lower speed with shortage runway.