Investigating for present in dust of Basrah city Roads Pb , Cd and Cu .


This research study examine streets dust pollution in Basrah city by heavy metals Pb, Cd, and Cu in this study it has been taking 100 dust specimen .50 from North Basrah and 50 from South Basrah including crowded general streets, bystreets, and from some street nearer to main Stations generators and from some housetops or terraces and gardens of some houses, this study included 25 region in North. and South in' Basrah city where the levels of heavy metals concentration were determined using flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer AAS after the laboratory digestion of dust samples using aqua regia, the study was conducted to include the effects of accumulation of heavy metals derivatives on soil surface as a result of emissions of such heavy metal and to include the effects on the environments. by this research it was found that the highest concentration level of lead in dust of Karmat Ali / Al- najebea (Kr.nj) sample in Karma Ali site equal to 160 mg/L then the maximum level of lead in dust of Hartha site also equal to 85 mg/L in gent sample the lowest level of lead 62mg/L and comparing to level 52 mg/L of lead in dust in Alzbeer site was found in N-Z sample, while the Higher level of lead in dust in South Alzbeer site was found in S-Z sample, equal to 70 mg/L and the lowest level of lead in dust in Karma site equal to 95 mg/L ,while the lowest of lead in dust in North Alzbeer in site St1 45 mg/L and lowest in S-Z 37 mg/L . The Cd and Cu very equality in parts that we are studies so as to concerted in Pb higher differently metal .