Vitamin E and C Status In The Sera and Cervical Mucus Secretion of Infertile Female With Unexplained Infertility


Back ground : Infertility is one of the most important and under appreciated reproductive health problems in developing countries. The causes of infertility can be found in about 90% of cases, while about 10% of patients don’t know why they can not conceive .The causes of this case (unexplained infertility) seems to be heterogeneous, with suggested potential causes ranging from disturbances in endocrinological, immunological , genetic and reproductive physiological factors.One of the main causes of unexplained infertility is the reactive oxygen species (ROS). Therefore this study is aimed to estimate and calculate the vitamin E and C level. To carry out this aim, the vitamin E and C level had been estimated in both sera and cervical mucus secretions among healthy fertile women (control) and patients with unexplained infertility.Patients and method: The study groups were attended to Babylon Maternity and Pediatric Hospital and privet clinics. All studied patients are suffering from primary or secondary unexplained infertility types and are diagnosed by gynecologist. The study is carried out on (30) apparently healthy fertile women as a control group, their mean age (30.133±8.011years) and (60) infertile women as patient group , their mean age (29.866 ±7.195 years). Results: Vitamin C levels decrease insignificantly(p>0.05) in serum and cervical mucus secretion(9.944 ± 1.549mg/l and14.233 ±3.458mg/l) in patient group comparing with(10.383±3.655mg/l and(16.447± 4.042mg/l) in control group.Vitamin E levels decrease significantly (p<0.05) in serum and cervical mucus secretion(5.272 ± 1.228mg/l and 4.644 ± 1.343 mg/l) in patient groups comparing with (7.337±3.535 mg/l and 7.023± 0.754 mg/l) in control groups. Conclusion: The present study shows that the vitamins level plays an important role in human fertility. Vitamin E levels is significantly decreased in sera and cervical mucus secretion in patients with unexplained infertility.