The Effect of Thickness on The Color Parameters of The Vinyl Addition Maxillofacial Elastomer


Aim of the study : The study investigated the effect of material thickness on color parameters of maxillofacial silicon . Materials and methods :sixty samples made of silicone rubber. Samples ( 20 * 10 * 3) mm length , width , thickness, and (20 * 10 * 1.5) mm length, width, and thickness were divided into three groups, white, yellow and pink ( 10 samples a thickness of 3 mm and 10 samples thickness of 1.5 mm in each group) . And then the samples were tested for recording color parameters .Results : There was a significant difference for the three color values at different thicknesses, where the value of * L and a * in the three groups decreased as thickness increased while the b * value rose up with the thickness . Conclusions: The increase in the thickness of the maxillofacial silicon associated with a decrease in the value of L * , a * and a rise in the value of b *.