Effect of Metronidazole drug in the Levels of some Pregnancy Hormones during Blastocyst Implantation in Rat Uterus


This study aimed to determine the effect of metronidazole (MTZ) drug on the levels of progesterone and estrogen hormones during blastocyst implantation in the pregnant rat uterus during the implantation period. Understanding the roles of the variety of pregnancy hormones in uterine receptivity for implantation is essential to enhancing reproductive health and fertility in humans and domestic animals. Forty eight female rats of confirmed pregnancy have been used ,divided into two treated groups received oral dosage commercial drug, 9 mg / 200 gm of life body weight as treatment dose of drug, 18 mg as double the treatment dose and 27 mg as the triple treatment dose. The results of this study revealed that taking treatment dose and double dose of the drug for 7 dpc group of pregnant rats cause decrease the level value of estrogen hormone in blood serum but this decrease didn’t reach significant level p>0.05. It was significant p<0.05 at the triple dose, and it is significant p<0.05 inversely for 9 dpc period, It means that the estrogen hormone level was decreased when the drug dose was increased were there were significant decrease p<0.05 in the value of progesterone level of blood serum at treatment dose, double and triple dose of the drg. There was significant affect p<0.05 for the mean of progesterone level in blood serum of the treated animal.