Anatomical and histological study of pituitary gland of the rats in Iraq


In order to study the pituitary gland of rats, ten samples were collected from animal house in (Veterinary.Medicine of Kerbala university).This work contains anatomical and histological studies. The present anatomical study revealed that the rat has a disc-shape of pituitary gland, white color, tightly attached with the dura mater. The gland was 3mm in diameter, located caudally to the base of brain near the cerebellum. The present study found that the rat has a well developed adenohypophysis and full-developed neurohypophysis. The main histological results were the lobulation of the pituitary gland, adenohypophysis and neurohypophysis, these structures which appear as a wing, pars distalis it located laterally while the pars nervosa is located in middle. The pituitary gland in rats didn’t surrounded by a true capsule. The acidophils were smaller than basophils while the chromophobe were largest cells in pars distalis.