Nuclear Structure Study of 164Er Isotope in IBM-1and IBM-1CQF


The interacting boson model has been used to calculate the positive parity states of stable and neutron rich isotope 164Er .A simple parameterization has been used which corresponds to a description close to the SU(3) limit of the model. The energy values, B(E2) values and potential energy surfacewere calculated. The resultshave reasonable agreement with the experimental energies and B(E2) values.The 164Er isotope has shown its membership to the rotational SU(3)limit. The IBM-1 predicted the energy levels of (1.935 and2.056 MeV) with spin and parity 3+ and 4+,respectively in βγ-band, , also the energy level of (2.255 MeV) was limited with spin and parity 6+in ββ-band under IBM-1.