The Watching OF Iraqi Mass for the Arabian Satellite channels and the effects watching on the size of watching for the local Satellite channels –survey study of the year 2013.


The Iraqi Information Environment are characterize with verity and multi of choices for the Arabian and National mass especially the television witnesses mass. Because more than 10 years the Iraq become open to the coming satellite without constrictions.And the Iraqi witnesses become free in choosing and moving to get full wishes and getting which he want of forms and content if these generally or specialties.. A period of time was finish and the watching of mass media in Iraq was free , so this make new problems in the field of sender , the media , the message and the mass… , so the efforts of the researcher and the information men in Iraq is obvious in facing some of these problems, and knowing its causes and suggesting the solutions to it . but the other part of problems are for of studding in spite of they are known for the Iraqi researchers this study is an attempt and participating in the side of knowing and following an local problem that has side in order to rising the level of our Iraqi local satellite channels achievement to Join the development that happened in the working Arabian satellite channels.So it is a survey study for a random sample in Baghdad, depending on theoretical comparing between local Iraqi satellite channels (the government and private) and coming Arabian satellite channels (government , Party, and private ) form the side of mass watching for the programmers of these satellite channels and the relation in the watching size the mass full getting of these relation.