Design and Simulation of Optical Element Use in Solid State Blue Laser Source


Abstract: Solid state blue laser source is a solid state laser include generation of IR laser light 1064 nm and companied with other wavelength 810 nm that invented from other active medium (Tm:ZBLAN) and non-linear crystal (CLBO) are used to generate fourth harmonic of the resultant wavelength 1874 nm that is blue laser light of 460nm. Several optical component have been designed by multilayer dielectric structure and anti reflection coating analysis. By using MATLAB soft ware, the simulation done and used the following non linear material (ZrO2, HfO2, MgO, SiO, Ta2O5 CaF2) and other linear material (ZnO, MgF2, GaAs, AlAs, BaF2, LiF, TiO2) as coating material. The result showed that as more quarter wave layers are added to the structure, the reflectance spectrum acquires more oscillatory features, and a narrow, flat-topped high-reflectance region grows around the design wavelength, GaAs and MgF2 represent good choice for the coating material of the front and exit mirror of the system especially produces very narrow wavelength band width and excellent value for R=100 % , LiF2 and BaF2 are good choice used to coat non linear crystal. For the polarized dichroic beam splitter, 450 represent good choice for the incident angle and BK7 as substrate material and HfO2 as high refractive index material and ZnO as low index material for coating.