Study of sensory and physical characteristics for dried fish (Cyprinus carpio) by local manufacturing vacuum solar dryer


Fish (Cyprinus carpio) was dried by three types of dryers, are local manufacturing vacuum solar dryer, vacuum electrical dryer and natural sun drying to study their effect in sensory and physical characteristics before and after drying. A complete random design was used to data analysis. Sensory characteristics and physical characteristics that represent to water activity, rehydration ratio, rehydration module and drying ratio. The results showed that the water activity was significantly increased with increasing moisture content for salted and unsalted fish at all drying methods. No significant differences in the water activity among drying methods. Rehydration ratio, rehydration modules and drying ratio were 1.4370, 1.6574 and 3.5141 for dried salted fish by vacuum solar dryer respectively and in the unsalted fish were 1.3001, 1.4689 and 3.7235 respectively. Results also that the drying methods were has significantly effect in the sensory characteristics in the dried salted and unsalted fish by different drying methods.