Study of microbial and chemical characteristics for dried carp ( Cypriuns carpio ) fish by local manufactured vacuum solar dryer


A vacuum solar dryer for fish was designed, manufactured and tested, it's consists of a black cylindrical drying room and equipped with hangings to suspend the fish inside and placed in a wooden box provided with insulation material and the glass was putted on the upper surface. Drying room also provided with vacuum pump and temperature instrument to measurement of the temperature and those supplying electrical energy through the solar cell. Common Carp( Cypriuns carpio) has been dryed after being brought fresh fish from the local market has been dry salted for some of them by 2% of the total weight of the fish and leave the other part without salt was conducted before and after drying each of the following tests: Microbial tests are (total count bacteria, yeasts and molds, total coliform and fecal coliform bacteria, salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus). Chemical tests, which included the chemical composition (moisture, protein, fat and ash) as well as the appreciation of the chemical indices of quality and that was ( total volatile nitrogen bases, thiobarbituric acid, pH, free fatty acids and acid value).Results of the study showed that the quality of dried fish by vacuum solar dryer was of good quality and approach to the quality of dried fish by electrical dryer.