Effect of Spraying Plant Extracts and Vitamin C on Yield and performance of Pop Corn Zea mays everta


A study was Conducted during fall-season of 2009 and spring of 2010 at the farm of field crops Department , College of Agriculture to determinate the effect of some plant extracts and vitamin C on growth and yield of pop corn sawing in two season . The layout of the experiment was RCBD with four replications. The treatments were karkadea Hibiscus sabdariffa L. extraction in 25%, liquorices Glycrrhiza glabra L. in 50% consenters and vitamin C in 1.5gm.L-1 in addition to control ( spray with distill water only). Results showed that liquorices was superior in plant height about 177.5 and 175 cm resp. for both season. Vitamin C was superior in ear height in fall season about 127.5cm while liquorices was the best in spring season which gave about 132.5 cm. Spraying with karkadea extracts gave best L.A. about 0.5325 m-2 and 0.4625 m-2 for both seasons resp. High number of ears per plant 1.75 , 1.5, high number of rows per ear (18 and 16), grain per row (32 and 28 ), grain per ear (57.3 and 448 grain . ear-1 ) also grain yield plant -1 ( 96.0 and 81.5 ) and total grain yield about 6.720 and 5.763 ton.ha-1 for both seasons resp. it was concluded that spraying of karkadea liquorices extracts and vitamin C could be recommended for best growth and yield of pop corn.