Study the Primary Barrier of the Digital Chest X-Ray Room of Al-Hussaini Hospital in Karbala City, Iraq


Background: structural shielding are fundamental to controlling the exposure of the workers as well as the exposure of the general public.Aim of the study: The objective of the present work is to assess the primary shielding of the digital chest x-ray room of Al- Hussaini hospital in Karbala city Materials and method: The technical data of minimum ,maximum and average of mAs and the corresponding values voltages of the chest x-ray procedures for 1134 patients over two months have been used to calculate the total workload per week and total workload per patient based on the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements report No.147 (NCRP report No. 147).Results and discussion :It is found that the workload per week was about 4.5 times that of recommended by NCRP report No.147 ,whereas the workload per patient was about five times that of stated by NCRP report No.147 for the same number of patients per 36 actual work hour week for busy situation. By adoption the equations of NCRP report No.147 the required thickness of lead as primary barrier was 2.7 mm or 184 mm from concrete.Conclusion: The thicknesses of Bricks, Concrete and Gypsum that were actually used were highly enough to be used as a primary shielding barrier.