The effect of Aloe vera extraction on immunity


Aloe vera aqueous extraction was examined for its immunomodulatory effect. Concentrated aqueous extraction was administrated orally 2ml/day for 30 days to the white mice, immunomodulatory effect was studied on total white blood cells (WBCs)count, phagocytosis, antibody titer and plaque forming cell (PFC). There is a significant increase in total count of WBC, reach 11300cell/ml3 at the day 28 after administration. Increase in phagocytosis activity was observed clearly after three and four week compared with control. Remarkable increase in the antibody titer against SRBCs for primary and secondary immune response (10.4±022, 14.2±2) respectively, and finally apparent effect on plaque forming cell (PFC) and maximum value was found after 5 days after immunization with SRBCs. It was 1200 PFC/106 of spleen cell.