The General Strategies for Developing Surface Water Resources in Al-Najaf Governature


Water is one of the environmental and natural resources, and the lifeblood of the President, without which life stops completely. It has become to provide adequate quantities of water both for drinking, or for other uses prominent problem in the world, due to the steady increase of the population, urbanization, and environmental degradation .The study surface water resources Aldaimip of great importance in the study area (the province of Najaf), given the role of these resources is important for the overall development, therefore, draw any policy development, whether in the civilian side or agricultural or industrial, must be accompanied study of water resources available surface and study current and future requirements and neglect this aspect may lead to stalled development plans that did not lead to failure and it came this study to address the sustainable development of water resources of surface level Najaf, where it was found and through analysis that direction, where about appearance the problem of water shortage affects the water situation available in the region