Hydro Geographic Analysis of the reality of the Waters in Khanaqeen city and the Capability of Its Investment


Cares Search analysis of water resources in the city of KhanaqinTq northeastern Diyala province in Iraq , considering that this resource is of great significance through relied upon for doing various economic processes and process for humans , as Find a researcher that surface water has a great role to use to meet the water needs in the study area , but consumed by the population was a significant increase , as well as identifying quantities by the upstream countries , which requires us to find a replacement for the dam needs water , and this can only by resorting to the water stored in the ground , so it has been the trend towards Investment of this water by taking samples from a variety of wells and multiple regions of the study area in order to compare the criteria adopted , the researcher has come through it to the need to rely on being good with the validity of the use of agricultural , industrial and trade in the study area .