Al – Bassasiry's Attitude towards Fatimid caliphate


This titled research (Al – Bassasiry's Attitude towards Fatimid caliphate) tries to shed light on an important personality that almost toppled the- Abbassid caliphate Al – Bassasiry tried to extend the power of the young Fatimid caliphat on the ruins of caliphate the- Abbasid if he had been supported in that movement . AS One of the requirements of academis method ‚ the research starts with an introduction followed by a definition of Al – Bassasiry to know his identity , origin , real name and hometown . Also the research shows the definition of the Fatimids , their mitation roots and leaders who established their earliest state in the region of Al Maghrib in the north of Africa .The research mention AL-Bassasirys service to the-Buehians ‚ the – Abbasids ‚ and the Fatimids . , The research shows according to the available historical writings‚ the reasons for the alteration of his intellectual and ideological’s dimensions or political expediency .The research follows his struggles against his enemies focused on his diplomatic and military behaviour in his maneuvers for getting more powerful groups to support him .