Analytical study kinematical the path of the ball and in accordance with the longitudinal and transverse axes in the two phases of preparedness and skill when performing correction shooting charged with three points basketball


The skill correction of the basic skills of this game and finely honed and duty availability of all the players in the team as the game is based on scoring points or injury to an opponent's basket, which determines the winning team, and the study aimed to:1 - Identifying the values of the path of the ball and the longitudinal and transverse axes and the stages readiness and skill when performing correction correction charged with three points basketball.2 - Understand the difference between the distance from the vertical axis (longitudinal) and angle of the ball when performing starting shooting skill charged with three points in a sample search.I have used the descriptive survey manner to resolve the problem of the research and the research sample included some national team players basketball 2013-2012's (5) players have been a major experiment to search on 16/12/2012 at seven pm, at the Hallclosed club south oil sports in the province of Basrah, was used camera video through trial and also use your program analyze mathematical skills (Dart fish) to extract variables kinematical, and after processing the data to your computer on according to the statistical program SPSS Ver 10, was reached a set of conclusions including:1 - The emergence of curves in the path of the ball, especially after the ball on the vertical axis (longitudinal), which refers to the lack of aerodynamic performance and thus out of the ball in front of the head, which leads to increased angle of exit and entry ball and thus an increase in the arc flight the ball and an increase in the time of flight.2 - The presence of a significant correlation between the distance of the vertical axis (longitudinal) and angle of the ball starting with the research sample.The main recommendations are:In light of the findings researchers recommend the following: -1 - The need to emphasize the mechanical properties when performing the skill of shooting charged with three points, especially near the ball from the longitudinal axis which lead to the exit of the ball at a large angle.2 - the increase in the angle of the shoulder joint in order to achieve appropriate exit angle of the ball in order to ensure the entry of the ball at a suitable angle.