Studying the Effect of Some 23 Additives on Fire - Retardant and Mechanical Properties of Unsaturated Polyester Composite Experimentes in the Holy Karbala


In this research maps showing the relationship between humancharacteristics and uses of agricultural land in the province have beenprepared using several methods to clarify that relationship and itsdeployment in the province and the causes that lead to s0uch proliferationthrough visual observation of the map used for a particular topic; theseproperties were represented by different maps of different methods usedand colours chosen to show how the properties showing the reality andextent of the search، as well as the importance of the map as meansto show the factors relations and its impact on Agricultural land use.Karbala has human resources which enable it to increase the agriculturalproduction; it has the potential of economic and population growth anddistribution and density of all kinds which all serve to increase acreageand production together.