Effect of Quenching Media, Heat Treatment and Alloying Elements on Properties of Al-Si-Mg Alloy


Al-Si-Mg alloys have been widely used in automotive and aircraft industries for their good properties, high strength-to-weight ratio and good corrosion resistance. This study aims to preparing of Al-Si-Mg alloy and study the effect of quenching media (polymer solution and water) ,heat treatment and effect of addition alloying elements (B & Ti) on the properties of prepared Al-Si-Mg alloy such as microhardnes and studying the thermal age hardening behavior with artificial ageing time (2-10) hours at temperatures (150,175,200) .The results showed that the addition of 0.15% B with 1% Ti together to base alloy improve Vickers microhardness by (57%) at homogenization condition compared with the base alloy, also the results showed that improvement in thermal stability at ageing temperature 175 when quenching in polymer solution in comparison with the quenching in water. Mechanical properties of prepared alloys were measured by using ultrasonic wave technique, also the microstructure of prepared alloys were appeared by using optical microscopic.