Controversial Theology For Seid. Al-Sistani Peripateticism -Traveling much- as a nonpareil


For a theologist there is perception to a Quranic or narrativetext, since he has cumulative scientific experiences that come in linewith the right decision.In time, the scope of evidence finding never delimits itself toone dimensional perception; the evidence the theologists inspireare much as their visions and opinions that give flexibility to therules promulgation and religion existence. The present paper consistsof four sections; the first aims at having proves of the one whotravels much, the second at surveying the definition of muchnessand how it exists in the first trip or the second or the third; the thirdsection is allotted to manifest Seid. Al-Sistani evidences, yet thefourth takes hold of the controversial point for Al-Sistani and howit differs from many old contemporary theologists; "does travelingwithout doing a regular work considered as a traveling one that hasto do shortened or complete travel prayer?