The nervous themsele coorespond ence and it is relation with the shoting precisely


The first chapter concluded the intrudaction and the importance of the research . In it the sesearchers tackle that the scientific progress in the all field of the life :the athietic room is one of that pieids. The researchers tackle to the basket ball and it is important in maney countries wich be the eyuial with football,s .famauce:because this game has the excitement a 6 quick rethem . the speed cheracherstic and the changes which is happen in the game law (basket ball) .Also the researchers tacklea the effort of the previous studies about the studies changes which stay the mantal abilities and the shooting precisely . The researchers tackle the discrepencies between the previous studies and this one This chapter contains the proplem of research which the researcher explain that the shooting operation is done the under different conditions duriwy the matches . the researcher explain that each player shold have good and sutiable amaunt from the decision that the nervous the museale coarespanding is founding and this connection is very impoytant 6. Get the points the problem is found when the researcherfolow the players performance of the physical education college team of Al-Qadissiya univercity in Baskt ball:they explain that there is a weak in their performace (the shooting) when they comparing the point rumber with the other teams that push the researcher to study this expreimence to develop the shooting becaute it is consider the basic the team win .Also the first chapter contains the research aim which is mean:the relation stay between the nerrause muscle coorespoudeucce and the shooting precisely in Baskt ball. This chapter also contaius the research hypo theses. Which point to the connectin relation which have the statistic indicatin between the nervause muscle cooresponding and the shooting precisely in Basket ball.The second chapter :it contains same of the subject that connect with studies rooms.The third ehabtn : it is contion the field processdure and the currioulum of the study .The researchers use the descrepition curricu lum by the connection relation style The specimen of the research they wene the education collage playrs of the Al. Qadissya univercity.the how to choose them ,Also the researcher yackly abut the eqnipment and the usiy :tools,this chapter contais the way that wy to deter mine the studis changes,Also it contains the explaina tion of the study changes . this chapter contains the scientific basic of the tests,Also this chapter contains the field processdure ,the main experimentand the styles statistic by them the researchers gaim the study results. The fourth chapter .It shows ,discussion and analysis of the results the fifth chapter :It contains the conclusion which is the nervous muscle coarepondiwy has a moral connection relation precisely with the free shoting skill performance in Baskt ball for the research comunity .Also the reserarchers recommended that put more atkntion toward the development of nervous muscle for the Baskt ball players because it has a positine effect in players, offensive and the players defrnsive . Also they recommended to make the course tests for the Basket ball players in the nervous muscle cooresponding b eside to the physical teses. Also the researchers show the scientific resources thatconnected with study.