Chlorophyll Content And Yield Relationship By Nitrogen Levels Effect In Maize


Afield experiment was conducted at the field of Crops Sci. Dept., College of Agric. / Univ. of Baghdad, in two seasons;fall 2005 and spring 2009. The objective was to estimate the relationship between N levels and chlorophyll content and their effects on morphological and physiological traits maize plants (Zea mays L.),by using variety Buhooth 106 withfour levels of N in fall season (100, 200, 300, and 400kg N / h), in spring season two levels of N was used (200 and 400 kg N / h) , urea fertilizer 46% N was used and added at three times : at planting ,elongation stage and anthesis stage. RCBD with four replications was used. Statistical analysis revealed that chlorophyll content was differences between leaf under ear leaf and husks by N levels differences .The ratio of increase in their leaves was 25.3% and 50% in fall season, 5.5% and 55.3% in spring season. Yield was increase 86% due to increase in ear length 21.3% ,no. of rows /ear 4.2% , no. of grains/row 33.1% ,no. of grains / plant 50% and grain weight 20.7% ,in fall season .In spring season increase in yield was 21.2% due to increase in ear length 24.3% , no. of rows/ear 13.2% ,no. of grains/row 32.2% ,no. of grains / plant 44.9% ,grain weight 9% and ears/plant 18.5% . The conclusion from these data was the yield and yield components were increase by chlorophyll content, which increase due to increase in N levels.