The Effect of Radiotherapy on Oxidative Stress, Biochemical and Hematological Parameters inWomen with Breast Cancer


Abstract:This study was designed to evaluate the effect of radiation therapy on the oxidativestress, biochemical and hematological parameters in women with breast cancer. 95 womenwere studied, 20 healthy control women and 75 had breast cancer.Malondialdehyde and glutathione (in erythrocytes and plasma), biochemicalparameters (total plasma proteins, plasma albumin, uric acid and plasma calcium) levels, andhematological parameters (hemoglobin, white blood cell counts, platelets counts) allparameters were measured pre- and post radiation therapy for 4 weeks.The result of this study indicates that the incorporation of radiation therapy as a way todestroy malignant cells, in addition to their therapeutic benefits, it may lead to further increasein the oxidative stress burden of cancer, manifested by increase in MDA production andglutathione depletion. Which may affect directly or indirectly some biochemical andhematological parameters as indicated by lowering plasma protein especially albumin,increases in plasma calcium level, and decreases in hemoglobin, white blood cells, andplatelets levels.These changes should be considered during radiation therapy and beforeadministration of anticancer drugs or any other drugs because it may affect both the beneficialas well as the toxicity of these drugs.Key words: radiation therapy, breast cancer, oxidative stress parameters, total plasmaproteins, plasma albumin, uric acid, plasma calcium, hemoglobin, white blood cell counts,and platelets counts.