The investigation was carried out at Sheep and Goat breeding Station, State Board of Agricultural Research, Ministry of Agriculture in Agargouf, 25 km west of Baghdad, during 2009-2010. The objective of this study was to evaluate and compare productive performance of Local Iraqi Awassi under three feeding systems. 180 Awassi ewes divided to three feeding groups equally (60 ewes each group). Group 1 reared under 100%concentrate feeding (CF), group 2 reared under semi-concentrate feeding(50% concentrate.50% roughage (SCF) and group 3 reared under roughage feeding (RF), The Rams joined ewes during mating season of 2009/2010. Fertility (percentage of ewes lambed out of ewes exposed to rams), Twinning percentage (number of ewes bearing twins per ewes lambed), Lambing percentage (percentage of lambs born per ewes exposed to rams), mortality (lambs died expressed as percentage of lambs born), Prolificacy at weaning (lambs weaned per ewes exposed to rams) and total weights of lambs weaned per ewe exposed. Of ewes were tested together with birth and weaning weights of their lambs. The result revealed that ewes in CF group surpassed RF group signifiant y in twinning percentage (37.3% compared with 20.0%), Lambing percentage (133.3% compared with 110.0%), Prolificacy at weaning (118% compared with 102.0%), total weights weaned per ewe exposed (29.1 kg compared with 22.8 kg), weaning weight (24.6 kg compared with 22.5 kg)and average daily gain (172 gm compared with 153 gm/day). No significant deferent’s in productive performance between CF and SCF groups, No signifiant différences in productive performance between SCF and RF groups.It was concluded that Awassi ewes had higher response in productive traits under concentrates feeding system.