The effect of carrying school bags on the skeletal health of pupils, according to some mechanical variables


In this research, a study of the skeletal effects to carry school bags for students, which is characterized by high weight, according to some mechanical variables such as the corners of the joints of the trunk and limbs, as well as the mean of the distance bags were carried and estimating the job done and the energy expended, and the researchers developed several goals in order to be achieved and which included ( identifying the impact of carrying school bags on the health of pupils skeleton, according to some mechanical variables.The hand-held bags or those which are carried on shoulders have different skeletal effects on the integrity of the spine and deviates of shoulders, and through that study, the two researchers developed a set of conclusions, including( carrying school bags of realistic weights in relation to pupils has high effect on their skeletal health). During the research, the researchers kept looking for getting resolutions and recommendations to the school boards and school districts confirming the importance of taking into account that factor in the daily lessons agenda to students because of its importance to the skeletal health.