Effect of thermal insulation on compressive strength of concrete exposed to high temperature by using ansys software.


The concrete construction suffer from the loss of a lot of mechanical properties (compressive strength) when exposed to fire because of the dehydration of cement paste which causes to lose of its adhesive property. The study has been carried out to establish the mathematical equation between the compressive strength of concrete and firing temperature at varying times depending on the experimental data of firing concrete obtained from previous studies .Result of mathematical equation gave good agreement Depending on the thermal properties of concrete got a relationships as mathematical equations to explain the temperatures distribution and time on firing specimen of transient heat by using the ansys software 14, also the study included the effect of adding a Calcium Silicate as insulation on those variable. Compressive strength was calculated from ansys results with and without insulator depend on the earlier mathematical equation. Results showed the influence of adding insulation material to reduce the fire effect's on the residual compressive strength of fired specimen's. Finally, it can refer to the the possibility of the use the research equations to give first prediction of the amount of damage caused by the fire in the concrete constructions after knowing the fire temperature and the type , thickness of the insulators.