Six inbred lines of Corn (SH, IK8, IK58, OH40, UN44052 and ZP105) and their half diallel crosses with two control crosses (SHAHD- local and ZP6OO –Introduct ) were used in this study , Seeds of these crosses were planted in three plant spaces between holls ( 15 ,20 and 25 cm ) by using RCBD in split plots system with three replicates at one site of a farmer in Baije province farmer – salahaldeen governments at autumn season of 2013. Data were recorded about : Time of male and female flowering ,Height of the plant, Height of upper ear ,Leaf area , Length of the ear, No.of ear rows, No. of grains in the row,weight of 300 grains and Yield of single plant with the Percentage of oil and protein characters. Data were analyzed statistically to evaluate parents and their crosses , and best plant space between the plants .Results showed non-significant differences between plant spaces for studied characters except weight of 300 grains ,single plant yield and Percentage of oil and protein .plant space (25 cm) which called lowest density caused increasing in single plant yield and protein percentage to high level standering with other densities, while caused raise in weight of 300 grains and oil percentage which decreased by higher densities. There were highly significant differences between parents and first filial crosses and control crosses for all characters. The interaction between crosses and plant spaces was significant also at 1% level of prob. except ear length character . which was significant at 5% level of prob. and non-significant for number of ear rows . The cross (IK58xZP105) surpassed on other crosses and two control crosses by five characters ( Height of two plant and ear , length of the ear , weight of 300 grains and single plant yield). The cross (SH x IK58) surpassed in male and female flowering and oil percentage and the cross (SHxUN44052 ) surpassed for plant height and ear length characters ,the cross (ZP105x IK58) surpassed for leaf area character by plant space (15 cm ) and the cross (SH x ZP105) surpassed for two characters of number of grains in the row and single plant yield which included the space (20 cm ).