Detection of biological active substances and lipase inhibitors from aqueous extracts of some legumes in comparison with Orlistat drug


This research was aimed to determine biological active substances qualitatively in vicia faba, lentil, green peas, soybean, beans, redbean. Lipase inhibitors were screened and compared with orlistat drug. All cold and hot extracts contained both saponin and tannin while polyphenol did not exist in vicia faba and soybean; rating found in all extracts except greenbeas. Tween 80 was used in lipase and lipase inhibitors screening; lipases activity were detected at cold aqoueus extracts of vicia faba, lentil, redbean and beans while heat stable lipase detected at vicia faba hot extract only. Extracts of Green peas, soy beans and chick pea lacking lipase activity. Qualitative and quantitative determination of lipase inhibitors activity showed that soybean and chick pea gave the highest lipase inhibition. Each extract caused 100% inhibition with 472.5 unit/ml compared with 85% inhibition for 12 mg/ ml of orlistat.