The Diagnosis of Saline Degradation of chemical Properties of Sodic and Non sodic Soil and Remote Sensing Data


The aim of this study is to diagnose the saline degradation of soil chemical properties , that is predicted by spectral indices which is derived from Landsat7 ETM+ DATA , where soil salinity , ESP% and SAR mapping , by multiregression analysis with generalized difference vegetation index (GDVI2) and salinity index (SI) , with high R2 significantly : 0.88 , 0.93 and 0.86 for each soil chemical properties respectively . Such saline degradation of soil classes scaling depends on correspond soil salinity value to ESP% and SAR value . The spatial analysis shows that Non degradation soils class (D0) reach to 5.55% from study area , salt affected soils class (D1) reach to 21.89% from the study area , sodium affects saline soils class (D2) reach to 44.47% from the study area and desert soils of saline class (D3) reaches to 28.09% from the study area .