Causes of conflict among Nursery, Medical and Administration Staff Members and the Influence of upon Hospital Decisions: Applied Research


The aim of this study is to investigate the causes of the conflict, which included (personal interests, differentiation and professional career, lack of coordination, cooperation and ill-defined duties and job description), and their impact on the decisions of the hospital, which included (the achievement of objectives, patient service and picky, efficient use of available resources, and reward employees and motivate them(. I've been choosing the Baghdad Teaching Hospital and the Hospital Ghazi al-Hariri subsidiaries of the Department of Medical City, as of the most important hospitals, service impact in the lives of citizens and mental health, for how to enable these hospitals to transform the negative aspects of the conflict to the positive aspects, and make it an incentive to raise the spirit of competition and creativity among individuals, which increases the effectiveness of decision-making in hospitals. Total sample (160) individuals included staffs nursing, medical and administrative staff of all levels, as it has been ignored (13) the identification of the lack of an answer to all the members of the sample paragraphs, and the number of questionnaires midwife for analysis (147) questionnaires. The questionnaire primary means of gathering information adopted by the researcher, as well as his experience through his work in one of those hospitals for several years, were included subject of research, inter questions intellectual crystallized totality of the research problem, and then was determined objectives and its importance, as well as the formulation of hypotheses basic task. It was the use of a lot of statistical methods, such as (arithmetic mean, standard deviation, percentages, correlation coefficient (Spearman), coefficient of simple regression, and several tests), and by measuring the research variables and diagnosis, testing effect relationships and the differences between them, as the research found a set of conclusions was the most important, the most influential reasons in the decisions of the hospital, he appeared professional and functional differentiation of the most influential, followed by ill-defined duties and job description, followed by lack of coordination and cooperation. There is no reason to take into account the impact of personal interest in the decisions of the hospital, because the hospital when taking into account a certain class at the expense of another class or frequent disputes on the basis of personal interests do not affect the decisions of the hospital all. There are also significant differences between the causes of conflict, as priority will be given to vocational and functional differentiation followed by poor coordination, cooperation, followed by self-interest into account and finally ill-defined duties and job description.