Hepatoprotective Effect of Allopurinol against Paracetamol Induced Hepatotoxicity in Male Rats


background: Liver is a vital organ regulating important metabolic functions. Anumber of chemical agents and drugs which are used on a routine basis cause cellularas well asmetabolic liver damage.Objectives: This study was undertaken to assess the hepatoprotective effect of allopurinoll in paracetamol induced hepatotoxicity in male rats.Material and method: A total of 18 adult male albino rats were randamized into 3 groupGroup1 was used as a control group ,group2: animals received an intraperitoneal injection of 300mg/kg paracetamol,group3 received 100mg/kg allopurinol orally( by oral gavage) 18 hrs before paracetamol administration.all the animals were sacrificed after 12 hr from paracetamol dose. Blood samples were collected by cardiac puncture. Serum was separated and analyzed for various biochemical parameters ( liver enzymes)liver was removed and kept in 10%formalin for histopathological study.Results: Treatment of male rats with paracetamol led to significant (p<0.05) increase the activities of serum enzymes level GPT,GOT, ALP levels compared with the normal rats, In contrast prophylactic used ofallopurinol at100mg/kg orally treated rat prevented the liver damage as judged by the significant (p<0.05) decreased these enzymes levels, histopathologically allopurinol showed protective effect against paracetamol induce liver damge.Conclusion: allopurinol could be beneficial for alleviating paracetamol toxicity. Further studies and parameter to measure oxidative strees are required, to explain these protective effects