Effect of bio-fertilizer with phosphate Solubilizing Actinomycetes on the growth of wheat


A pot factorial experiment was conducted at the lath – house at the College of Agriculture University of Baghdad during 2011-2012. Under RCBD. The experiment included 36 experimental units of a combination of bacterial bio-fertilization (Actinomycetes) with using two treatments (inoculation and non- inoculation), three levels of Compost cows manure (C1,C2,C3) and R1 that equivalent to a total rock phosphate fertilizers recommendation and R2 that equivalents to double of the fertilizers recommendation, in three replicatesResults showed that there was a significant increase in plants shoots dry weight, which reached 8.12 gm.plant-1 with treated R2C20A+ to compare with non- inoculation R2C20A- Which gave 6.44 gm.plant-1, and yield grains weight which gave 4.99 gm.plant-1 with treated R2C20A+ compare with non- inoculation R2C20A- 4.53 gm.plant-1, and concentration of nutrients (N,P,K), (Fe ,Mn) addition bio-fertilizer with compost and Rock phosphate increased significantly to gave high values 0.77%,0.25%,1.31%,442 mg.g plant-1 and 123.5 mg.g plant-1, for nutrients N,P,K,Fe and Mn respectively .