The effect of the treatment weeds in some thickness plantcharacteristics of growth and production and its containers of sesame


Afield experiment had been performed in Zngura field /Ramdi/ ALAnbar at width line 38◦ North and length line 43◦ east in summer season in 2013. It is clay- garnet texture to know the effect of treatment on weeds and thickness plants in some characteristics of growth ,production and its containers of sesame The system of split spot had been used in performing the experiment according to randomizing complete blocks with three replications. The results are the three main blocks have three thickness of plants (D3,D2,D1) which led to(66667,80000,100000)plants.H-1The secondary blocks have five treatments of weeds .They are once, twice and three times hand weeding for addition, tow comparative treatments ( weeds and absence of weeds).The results show the significant effects of the weeds treatments in characteristics that are still studied. Three times hand weeding (W4) led to dry weight weeds (40,6g) which increased the constriction percentage to( 93.27% )also the treatment for absence of weeds led to increased most of characteristics of growth and production and its containers which have no significant dereferences with( W4) treatments for three times hand weed . The effects are :the length of plant(164,172 c) .area of leaves ( 0.64 , 0.65 )m ,number of branches (7.83,848),numbers of capsules in every plant (244.8,300.2) .the whole production is( 24 82 , 2652 ) kg .H-1 for each treatments sequence. according to weeds treatment which record lest percentage for all these characteristics .Also the results record that no significant differences of plant thickness effects to decreased the dry weight of weeds and the constriction percentage which effects on most of plant characteristics of sesame and its production. The results record there are no differences in height of plant, the average of leave area , numbers of capsules in every plant , numbers of seeds in every capsule with, thousand seeds.So the thickness of plants(D2) records highest average numbers of branches (74) that effects on whole production which records the same thickness, the highest average is (1931kg) mixture between the three times (W4) and plant thickness (D3) record lest dry weight of weeds, so this mixture records (31.7 g), the treatment of twice hand weeding with plant thickness (D3) records the highest constriction percentage (%94.61) and this treatment isn’t significant different with the treatment of three times hand weeding with tow plants thickness (D2,D1) which is (%92.84,92.38)so this effects positively led to improve all characteristics of growth and production and its containers.we conclusion from this studying is that the treatment of three times hand weeding led to constriction of thickness of weeds and their dry weights which effects on improvement of characteristics of growth and production and its contianers.