A field experiment was carried out during a successive growing season of 2008 and 2009 at a farmer field parallel to Euphrates river at Al-majed district in Al-mothana province, Iraq. Using a randomize complete block design , to evaluate the performance of five hybrid sorghum forage (Sugar graze, Chopper, Pacific-BMR, Superdan-2, and Sweet jumbo). and one hybrid Millet (Nutrifeed). The results indicated the exceeding two hybrids Nutrifeed and sugar graze superiority in total green matter (222.09, 221.93, 205.51 and 205.8 t/ha) total dry matter (29.28, 29.13, 25.8 and 25.97 t/ha.) and total dry leaf yield (16.51, 14.86, 14.42, 13.14 t/ha) for the two seasons 2008 and 2009 respectively. Nutrifeed, Sweet jumbo and Pacific-BMR gave the highest dry leaf/stem ratio: 56.39, 54.2, 52.28, 55.89, 54.19 and 52.32% for the two years respectively . Nutrifeed is resistance to lodging and leaf rust disease and contains no prussic acid however, can be grazed at a much earlier stage than forage sugar graze, with maximize protein and energy Content. Nutrifeed and sugar graze could be used for making high quality hay and silage.