Relationship Between Interleukin -33( IL-33) andC- Reactive Protein in Iraqi Women Patients with CeliacDisease


Interleukin -33 is a new member of the IL-1 superfamily of cytokines that is expressed mainly by stromal cells.Its expression is upregulated following pro-inflammatory stimulation.Aim of the present study was to assess the serum IL-33 level and its relationship with inflammatory biomarker CRP in Iraqi females patients with celiac disease.Thirty five patients with celiac disease (CD) andthirty healthy individuals as control group were enrolled in this study,their age ranged (20-35) year.Anti-GliadinIgA ,IgG and Anti-Tissue IgA ,IgG were estimated in all subjects as diagnostic parameters .ESR and CRP were assayed as inflammatory biomarkers. IL-33 was determined in patients and control groups.The results of the present study revealed a highly significant increase in anti-gliadin (IgA ,IgG) , anti-tissue (IgA,IgG) ,ESR,and CRP levels in CD patients compared to control. While no significant increase in IL-33 level in CD patients compared to control was found.In conclusion,IL-33 could be considered as a biomarker for Celiac Diseases, and it is correlated positively with inflammatorybiomarker"CRP" in Iraqi women patients with CD.