New Record Of The Specis Cyclops scutifer G. O. Sars (Copepoda- Cyclopoida) And Study The Effect Of Food Quality On Its Life Cycle


For the purpose of studying the effect of the quality of food on the growth and reproduction of crustaceans the type of Cyclops scutifer were used which ranked as the first record in Iraq and the test was bred and classification.To find out the effect of the quality of food on this type it has been selected three groups of food. The first group was chlorophyll, the second group was chlorophyll with Paramecium and the third group was chlorophyll with larvae of mosquitoes in its early stages. After collections the results and conduct statistical test (F test), the results found that the quality of food had great influence on the growth of animals and productivity the impact was clear on the stages of growth and transition from one stages to another, and the number of eggs and the time between its lap and the continuation of life and preparation.