Infiltration Characteristics in Agriculture Area of Bahr al Najaf


Water applied to the soil surface through rainfall and irrigation events subsequently enters the soil through the process of infiltration. Soil water infiltration is controlled by the rate and duration of water application, soil physical properties, slope, vegetation, and surface roughness. Beyond the wetting front, there is no visible penetration of water.Bahr Al-Najaf is a low land located in the south-central zone of Iraq on the western edge of the plateau.The present paper focuses on investigating the rate of water infiltration through the base and side walls of the tested pits with area of 2m by 1.5m and 0.5m in depth excavated and filled with water in the two locations in agriculture area of Bahr Al Najaf. First location is to investigate the infiltration characteristics and the second one is to validate the results of the first location. The process of filling was repeated several times with full observation and continuous field measurements. The results revealed some useful characteristics and correlations regarding the infiltration of water in the agriculture area of Bahr Al-Najaf.