Synthesis and Characterization of Novel 1,3-Oxazepines Derived from Diamic Acid : N,N‾-Bis-(4-methyl phenyl ) pyromellitamicDiacid


ThesymmetricalN,N‾-Bis-(4-methyl phenyl) pyromellitamicdiacid (I) was synthesized from the reaction of toludine with pyromelliticdianhydride in dry acetone. Esterification of amic acid (I) with dimethyl sulphate in basic medium using acetone as a solvent give symmetrical N,N‾-bis-( 4- methyl phenyl) pyromellitamdiacetate (II). The condensation of new ester with hydrazine hydrate in ethanol leads to the formation symmetricalN,N‾-bis- (4-methyl phenyl) pyromellitamichydrazide (III).New symmetrical 1,3-oxazepine derivatives (V)a-e can be synthesized from the reaction of the new synthesized Schiff bases (III)a-e (which are synthesized from the reaction new hydrazide (II) with different aromatic aldehyde) with naphthalic anhydride in dry benzene . The synthesized compounds have been characterized by their melting points and by their spectral data, FTIR and 1HNMR spectroscopy of compound (V)c.