Philosophy of natural law in the ancient Greek thought


The first issue raised by the ancient Greek's philosophy concerning what is meant by nature, they belief that nature has not been created by God, because God it self has been perceived as idea to a great degree,this in its essence,as reflection of the real things,that is to say that the laws one an extension of the work or the tradition of the divine. The system is a system of cosmic divine because it is coherent and complete and not vice versa, that the Greeks do not consider the cosmic order harmonic and full of God that (because it is divine and harmonious whole, which is not a consistent and complete because God). It is the first born from the idea of natural law. Has been the link between law and nature; relationship because the relationship is here necessary, Greeks look to nature not only as a viewer actually perceived, but also as metaphysics.the basis of the idea of natural law is the relationship between a single and multi. Nature and relative multiple images need to be fixed and the principle of one-ruled, this principle is (God) who took the picture of the supreme good in Plato, and take a picture when the engine hard when Aristotle.