New mode for the on-line determination of oxonium ion in differentstrong acids using CFIA via the use of homemade linear array Ayah 5Sx4-ST- 5D solar CFI analyser


Strong acids were determined via the blue complex solution reaction of a loaded ferric (III) ion on strong cation exchange resin which in turn reacts with potassium hyxacyano ferrate (II). The attenuation effect of formed blue complexFe4([Fe(CN)6])3on (0 -180o) incident LED light was measurement via homemade linear array AYAH 5SX4-ST-5D solar CFI analyser. Optimum parameters were 0.005M.L-1 [Fe(CN)6]-4 , flow rate of 3mL.min-1 , sample volume 204 µL , sample purge time of 70 seconds was chosen, and 1V for light intensity. A liner calibration graph of 0.005 -0.15 M.L-1 were obtains for HCl, HNO3, HCLO4 and H2SO4, with a linearity (r2 %) 94 -98 % and L.O.D based on gradual dilution of lowest concentration in calibration graph was 22.314 µg for HCl, 38.563 µg for HNO3,61.480 µg for HCLO4, and 60.020 µg for H2SO4 .Repeatability (RSD) 0.5% was obtained. the proposed method was compared with standard method. turbidity measured using HANNA instrument for available acid in commercial (HCl, H2SO4).