Contributing Factors for Adult with osteoarthritis in Al-Diwaniya Governorate Hospitals


Objective: To assess of contributing factors for adult with osteoarthritis and to find out the relationship between demographic characteristic with contributing factors for osteoarthritis. Methodology: A descriptive analytic study was carried out throughout the present study to determine the contributing factors for adults with osteoarthritis who attended the outpatient clinic department of hospitals in Al-Diwaniya governorate. The study was carried out during the period extended from the November 10th 2013 to August 10th 2014. A purposive ''non- probability'' sample of (70) patients with osteoarthritis. Questionnaire form was constructed for the purpose of the study and it comprised of two parts. The questionnaire consists of (50) items. They include (1) demographic characteristics (2) assessment of contributing factors. Content validity of the questionnaire was determine through a panel of (16) experts. Reliability and validity of questionnaire was determined through test re-test (r= 0.931) of pilot study. Data was collected by the researcher who interviewed those patients and filled out the constructed questionnaire form. Data were analyzed by using descriptive statistical approach (frequency, percentage and mean of score) and inferential statistical approach (stander deviation and correlation coefficient). Results: The findings of the study have revealed that the majority (40%) of the age group were more than 60 years old and the mean of age were (54.3) year. Most of the study sample (54.3%) was female. Most of them (91.4%) were married and (45.7%) were no read and write. The findings of the study sample indicated that the majority (47.1%) of the occupation were housewife. Most of the study sample (47.1%) were have appropriate of environmental of employ and (77.1%) living in urban area. Most of them (65.7%) were obese patients and (51.4%) were medium on the economic status. The result of the study also showed that the (45.7%) of the site joint injured were knee and hip joint and the second joint (38.6%) were knee and ankle joint. Most of the study sample (48.6%) of duration of injured from (1-2) year. Most of them (65.7%) were had underwent surgery. Conclusions: The findings of the study indicated that the Osteoarthritis has been linked to obesity and high blood pressure. The findings of the study sample indicated that important items were (Do not best eat food of plant origin and eat white meat) from diet and the first quarter items were (Do not eat food of plant origin, eat white meat, Does not want to drink milk, Do not like eat fish oil, Do not like eat cheese, Do not best eat beans, Do not like exposed to sunlight, eat egg yolks, and Do not prefer to eat fish) Recommendations: The study recommended an education program to be developed and implemented of patients about contributing factors for adult patients with osteoarthritis.