Optimum Charge and Performance for R432A under Window Type Air-Conditioner Systems


The study presents optimized R432A charge by the index of power consumption of compressor and COP without changing the compressor. Test results showed that the best charge is 750 g for R432A which gave the highest coefficient of performance and less energy consumption. When charging the system with 750 grams, the amount of charge rate down to 42.3% compared with the original gas. The percentage increase in coefficient of performance are 9.85%, 8.39%, and 8.93% and the proportion of low energy consuming are 7.53%, 7.31%, and 7.34% at ambient temperatures of 30 ᵒC,34 ᵒC and 38 ᵒC respectively for R432A compared to R22. Increasing ambient temperature lead to increase in the power consumed and decrease coefficient of performance.